Mike Schlanger

VP Solution Sales


Toppan Merrill

Michael Schlanger is a business leader and innovator, with decades of experience in financial printing, who focuses on developing transaction and compliance product strategies in response to client and regulatory needs. Mike leads a team of experts that guide the development and sale of Toppan Merrill’s SEC compliance and XBRL service offerings.

Prior to joining Toppan Merrill, he performed numerous roles with other companies, including sales, sales management, division president and business development.

Mike is currently serving as the Vice Chairman of the Board of XBRL US, which he has been a Board member since 2009. He is a frequent speaker at law firms, financial industry conferences and professional associations on topics related to the SEC regulatory initiatives.


3:35 PM - 4:20 PM

Wednesday June 15, 2022

Your Path to Going Public: De-SPAC or IPO

  • SPACs: The speedier path to market
  • Different costs associated with both routes
  • Why SPACs offer less volatile target valuation
  • Understanding shareholder dilution (and associated complaints)
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