Marc Gabelli

Chairman & CEO


LGL Systems Acquisition Corp.

Marc J. Gabelli has served as a member of LGL Systems Acquisition Corp.’s board of directors since its inception and Chairman of the board of directors from since September 2019. Mr. Gabelli has served as Chief Executive Officer from September 2019 until March 14, 2019, at which time he became Co-Chief Executive Officer along with Robert V. “Rob” LaPenta Jr. Mr. Gabelli has served as President and Director of GGCP, Inc., the parent company of GAMCO Investors, Inc. (NYSE: GBL) since 1999, and director of Associated Capital Group, Inc. (NYSE: AC) at its formation through to 2017. He is the Chairman of Teton Advisors, Inc. (OTC:TETA) since 2018, and The LGL Group since 2017. Mr. Gabelli has been Co-Chief Executive Officer of Gabelli Securities International Ltd. since 1994, Managing Partner of Horizon Research of New Delhi India since 2012 and Director and Managing Partner of Swiss based GGCP since 2012 and GAMA Funds Holdings GmbH since 2010. He is also Chairman and Chief Executive of Gabelli & Partners Italia Srl. and Gabelli Value for Italy SPA (IM: VALU), a Milan stock exchange listed corporation since 2018, and Chairman of Gabelli Merger Plus+ Trust, PLC, a London Stock Exchange listed company since 2017. As a fund manager since 1990, Mr. Gabelli’s focus is global value investments with portfolio assignments including alternative and traditional asset management. He manages alternative investment portfolios and the group’s investment companies trading on the London Stock Exchange. He has managed several Morningstar five star mutual funds, and a Lipper #1 ranked global equity mutual fund. In corporate matters, he assisted on group restructurings, including GAMCO’s initial public offering and the subsequent formation of AC. He built the hedge fund platform of the group’s indirect wholly-owned subsidiary, Gabelli & Partners, LLC, and expanded the business internationally, opening the GAMCO London and Tokyo offices. In 2001, he also formed and served as General Partner of OpNet Partners, a Gabelli venture capital fund focused on optical networking technologies. He is also a Director of LICT Corporation (OTC: LICT). Mr. Gabelli is active in a variety of charitable educational efforts in the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom.


4:15 PM - 5:05 PM

Wednesday June 23, 2021

SPAC Incentive Structure

  • Aligning executive compensation with post-merger performance
  • Factors to consider when negotiating incentive deals
  • Issues of change-in-control (CiC)
  • Determining whether the target has appropriate compensation programs to attract and retain talent
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